Welcome!  Thank you for stopping by – I hope you find encouragement, support, inspiration, humor and feel a little less alone when you come to my page – because we can all relate to each other in some way!

My name is Dana – I’m a 33 (soon to be 34) year old woman, wife, pet mom, improviser, entrepreneur, new home owner and healthy lifestyle enthusiast and mentor!  I have one super power and it’s to lift the car door handle at the exact moment someone hits the unlock button thus stopping the door from being unlocked.

I enjoy challenges, being creative, helping others and self discovery.  I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be, I find the best things are found in imperfections.  I think mouthwash should burn your mouth, coke tastes better out of the fountain and Meet Virginia by Train is my all time favorite song and I couldn’t tell you why.

The Little Mermaid, Chuck Taylor boat shoes, books, chick flicks, surprises, quiet mornings, coffee, clothes, donuts, real Christmas trees, Halloween, organization, snuggles, traveling, moments with family and friends are just a few of my favorite things.

Here you’ll find stories of being a new homeowner, marriage, recipes, my health and fitness lifestyle, my personal style, things I love, things I’ve learned and the occasional randomness.  I can promise you that everything I post and talk about will be real, honest and comes from a good place.  I can also promise you that I won’t be perfect and may fall off with posting because, life and I’m human.  I hope that you’ll stick around and bare with me.

Please be respectful on this page and to anyone who might post or comment.  We can all be a little kinder to one another, myself included.