Clifton stumbled upon this gem this weekend and my immediate response was “I look awful!”


This picture was taken in October of 2008 so almost 7 years ago.  It was during the phase I like to call “I don’t give a FUCK”  It’s a phase of my life that I actually look back on and have zero regrets.  Sure I have a few cringe worthy stories but I also have a lot more that crack me up and make me shake my head in a good way.  Stories that I reserve for girls nights and if I’m lucky my future daughter.

The girl in this picture taught me a lot.  She taught me

>> That eating McDonalds before going to bed after an all night drinking binge will help with the morning hang-over but won’t do anything for being able to fit in your clothes

>> Jager bombs and I will never never see eye to eye

>> I will never again spend $50 on a costume that I intend on only wearing once

She also taught me

>> Sometimes you have to lose yourself to be found

>> Have fun but don’t be an idiot

>> Tequila and I will always understand one another

It’s amazing the difference time can make and how it can go in either direction depending on your choices.

I don’t have any regrets because without having been her I would not be able to appreciate who I am today and how far I’ve come.  I made a choice 5 years ago to change my life and be a healthier person and have had lots of trials and tribulations along the way.  I made a further commitment a year and a half ago to join a challenge group and becoming a coach for Beachbody and because of it I’m the healthiest, happiest version of myself!

Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I wouldn’t have as much drive and determination as I do now to continue down this new lifestyle and help others with theirs.

Here’s to never going back but always remembering where I came from!


So who’s up for a girls night!?