I have been feeling so gross lately.  There’s a few reasons to why.  First, I haven’t been on my work-out game as solid as I would like lately.  Sure I ran a Spartan Super race on Saturday but leading up to that I didn’t work-out two days prior and the ones before that were not intense by any means.  Two weeks before that I had a few work-outs trickled into the week but that’s it.  I won’t sit here and give excuses.  Also, I’m just talking about my working out, don’t even get me started on the eating.  We were out of town for one of the past three weeks followed by a semi-food prepped two weeks.  Again, not going to give you excuses but let’s just leave it at ‘LIFE’ and I’ll assume you get it.

Today I woke up like this.


I’m as surprised as the next person!  So am I writing this blog post to brag?  Not at all!  Believe me I’d have taken a much more presentable picture if that were the case.  Also, I’d be the first person to tell you where I need to do some work.  Anyways when I woke up and saw this I was ecstatic, especially with how I have been feeling lately because believe me I didn’t look like this the past two mornings (sorry for not taking pictures then).  I’m rambling and getting away from my point, which is, everything takes time.  Changing to live a healthy(ier) lifestyle takes TIME.  It has high’s and low’s and those will most likely never go away but it will start to change and there will be more high’s than low’s.  You will also get to the point where you will naturally begin to make healthier choices when you are on vacation, road trips, eating out while still being able to enjoy the foods you love!  Over time It will become second nature to you, that when you aren’t solidly on your health game and feeling way off you too will wake up like this in the middle of it (perhaps not exactly like this) because without even realizing it you’ve been making good choices.  Not to mention that Instead of falling off the wagon completely and starting from scratch you won’t because your starting point has now changed from all the hard work you’ve already put in.  So…


Remember it’s not a diet, it’s a LIFESTYLE and it’s WORTH IT!