I was writing a post today in one of my challenge groups, the topic was “memory” so I started looking through photos and came across the one below, which is from the day of my wedding shower last June.  I wasn’t recalling the memory of the shower particularly (don’t get me wrong the shower was Ahhmazing) what I was thinking of was the outfit I’m wearing in the photo.  I remember the day I purchased the outfit.  I can’t recall how far before the shower I had purchased it but it was a decent amount of time (what can I say I like to think far ahead or really late, no in between) but I believe I was done with P90x3 and feeling amazing because I grabbed items off the racks to try on that I would NEVER have normally tried (crop tops, romper) because that’s the thing when you eat healthy and work-out you FEEL AMAZING in all aspects.  Shopping becomes fun again, confidence shoots through the roof and you literally feel like you are holding the world in the palm of your hands!  Ok, perhaps too many endorphins!


Here’s where the magic happens though.  Here is the part where you realize that every sore muscle, every ache and pain, every day you woke up and talked yourself into hitting play, MATTERED and every curse word yelled at the TV needed to be retracted because those items you pulled off the rack that you wouldn’t have even looked at months ago, now fit so perfectly to your body that you triple check the tags, as well as your reflection in the mirror because it couldn’t possibly be you.  But it is!

images   That’s my favorite part about living a healthy lifestyle.  The feeling.  There’s nothing in the world that can compare to feeling comfortable in your own skin and lately I haven’t felt that way and realize I’ve been thinking about this outfit, this moment a lot lately.  Subconsciously really,  I find myself gravitating towards that photo and now I understand why.

1512576_10153474798709782_4640830708318737230_n  Last year when Clifton and I started P90x3 it was ON!  Although there were minor set backs (a day here or there) we plowed through the program!  This year it’s been different.  I’ve had to re-start Insanity Max 30 three times, YES three because I got sick twice in January and I wanted to do the program from start to finish without breaks and of course as soon as I get back on track for the 3rd time I go off to Florida forget my dvd’s.  I actually asked Clifton if he would Skype me in and put Shaun T on so I could work-out from my room.  Needless to say it didn’t happen.  So here I am again BUT I’m not going to stop I’m going to start back up where I left off and complete this program.  I also feel my diet has slipped some, not major but things here and there and it’s really bothering me.  So I’m not sure what was different about last year vs. this year and I can’t dwell on it or this.  I just need to keep pushing forward and play.  Take it one day at a time because I’ve got a new outfit in mind.