My P90x3 journey has come to an end.  For now.

The other morning I was talking with a friend of mine and she asked me “how much weight did you lose?”  and I replied “None!…”  which she replied “You look like you lost a ton of weight”

I know what you might be thinking.  “She just spent 90 days, working out and got nothing in return.  I knew a 30 minute work out wouldn’t be enough.”  If so, you are wrong.

I personally was never looking to lose weight, I was quite content with my size that I had now been maintaining for about 2 years but I wanted more (of course, I’m human) I wanted to be tone and have some nice definition in my arms, back and stomach.

The number on the scale may not have changed but my body did.  I lost fat and I gained muscle so the above is somewhat of a lie, I just couldn’t tell you how much fat I lost and how much muscle I gained.

Something else I gained.  Confidence.

I spent quite a bit of time in therapy last year trying to rebuild my confidence and was pretty successful at it.  Apparently I have more.

I was trying on clothes the other day and thought what the hell I’ll try on a cropped top and a romper, not together, I lost fat not my fashion sense!  Two items I have never pictured myself wearing.  I can’t even tell you how excited I was to not only fit in them, like the way they looked BUT also felt pretty!  At that moment all I could think was “And this was what it’s all been for.  This feeling of being comfortable in my own skin and having done it the right way.”  Because at the end of the day that’s what matters, how you feel.  It’s not a number on the scale or the number on your tags it’s how you feel about yourself.  How you feel in your own skin.  Wish someone would have told me this before I spent all that time and money in therapy.  Kidding, that was another one of the best things I did.

I wish I could give you exact measurements of my legs, thighs, waist and hips, but alas I am an idiot and did not measure before this journey.

Hopefully my Day 1 vs. Day 90 pictures (below) tell their own story or perhaps you’ve seen me in person and can tell a difference.  My best friend could and made me get on a scale because she was positive I weighed less then her.  I did not.

I used to say that I’d never be a size 6, that my body just isn’t built that way.  I was wrong.
I have been a size 8/6 depends on the store for a while now.  I just recently bought 3 new pair of jeans and a pair of shorts, all size 4!


Now don’t get me wrong It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows!

Here’s some answered questions that can perhaps explain the program better.

Did I eat healthy the entire 90 days?

Hell No!
My birthday was in February and I specifically requested Sprinkles cupcakes, I went to Chicago in April, ever hear of Hot Dougs?  I have!, then to PA, can we say Italian Restaurants!  Let’s not forget I have one hell of a sweet tooth!  I’m generally a healthy eater an I wasn’t super strict on my diet, if I was you’d probably see even more definition in my abs.  Which is where my new journey comes into play, the 21 day Fix.

**Please note the P90x3 program comes with an eating plan, recipes and tips.

Am I telling you, you need more then one program to get the results you want?

Absolutely Not!
The kitchen plays a big part in your results.  I’ve said it before, you can out eat any work-out program.  I certainly didn’t out eat it but I didn’t keep myself in strict check either.

I’m doing the 21 day Fix for a few reasons;  First, because as a beachboday coach I want to be as familiar as I can with the products to best be able to help others.  Second, I could use some lessons in eating more veggies, less carbs and minimal sweets!  Lastly, I’d like to see better ab definition and that is done in the kitchen!

Was it easy getting your work out each day?

Not always
I struggled some days, especially getting up at 5:30 am to work-out before going to work.  There were a few times when I was sick and would have to put in doubles later on.  However, being able to make up a half hour work-out is easier then having to make up an hour work-out.  On days when I didn’t want to work-out, believe me there were a lot, I just kept telling myself in my best Tony Horton voice “just push play” and I did.  The next thing I knew I was done!

How would you describe the work-outs?

Tony doesn’t mess around.  The first week I was awful, could barely do half the things they did.  The second week I saw improvement and the third even more.  Now I’d say I’m at the average range for most but still struggle with a few.

I can’t say anything bad about this program and the last 90 days.  I loved the original P90x program and love this one even more because it’s only 30 minutes!  I finally got the results I was looking for by toning up, not bulking up!  I can’t say this program is right for everyone, what I can tell you is this isn’t the only one that works and I’d love to help anyone on their journey to a healthier lifestyle because you can’t buy confidence!

Feel free to email or message me if you have any additional questions about my journey, the program, other programs, or just want to say hi.  I’d be more then happy to help!

**Please check out my post titled “I’ve been around the block” to learn more about my personal weight-loss journey prior to this one.