Years ago I had a fleeting moment of doing Insanity.  I’m pretty sure I have the dvd’s but never found the ambition to start the program.  Then at the end of last year I heard there was going to be a new program called Insanity Max 30 and I’ll be honest I wasn’t on board right away.  No particular reason really I think I was in a bit of a slump at this time.  You know end of the year, holiday’s and I just wanted to wallow in home-made cookies, pot-luck party goodies and dark chocolate flavored beer that seems to come out more in the winter!

Then something changed and I realized I could use a new challenge plus I’m a sucker for trying new things!  I had started this year out with P90x3 I could start 2015 out with Insanity Max 30.  I’ll be honest I was only registering the 30 part of that title.  I quickly learned I should have noted the INSANITY part.


I remember the first work-out Clifton and I did together, let me recap the things that were said:

“I bet you that guy has a dog named Thor.” -Me

“I feel like the video is on fast forward.” -Me

“I know her!” -Me

“Wait how do you do that?” –Clifton and me

“*#%$ you!” -Me

“Do you think they all did crack before hand?” -Me

We survived the first week though!

It was a bit of a bumpy road after that.  The year did not start out anything like the previous one.  I got one week into the program and got sick.  Flu like symptoms sick.  I don’t mess around when that happens, I immediately chug water and rest!  Luckily that worked and I was feeling better the next week and figured I’d chalk the first week up as warm-up and so I started from week one.  This time I made it two weeks and then sick again!  WHAT IS HAPPENING!?  This must be the gradual decline of getting older?  The world is ending?  I don’t know but it’s the most uncommon thing to happen to me.  I get sick once a year, if that.  So again I stopped doing the program because I didn’t want to push my body and make myself worse.  Again, lasted only a week.  Ok, let’s do this AGAIN!  Determined to feel like I accomplished this program from start to finish I started from the beginning.  I really had those first week moves down!  This time I made it three weeks in and then was off to Florida for my Birthday and I had ALL intentions to work-out while I was there but forgot my dvd’s.  I actually asked Clifton if he would face time me in with Shaun T.  Needless to say my work-out only consisted of walking Disneyworld Theme parks which is actually NO JOKE!  This time though when i returned instead of starting from day one I decided I was going to just start where I left off or it’d be next year and I’d still be where I am.

I’m happy to say that was the last break I had in the program!  Even through packing up our lives in Dallas to move to North Carolina I stuck to the program and finished 3 weeks after we arrived!

My Results:

Weight – Lost 2lbs (actually more than when I did P90x3 and you know the whole gain muscle lose fat concept)

Inches – Lost – 2.5inches


At first I was bummed with my results but the more I thought about I realized I had gained quite a bit in the last 60 days

  • I was back into the swing of regular work-outs
  • My confidence was getting even stronger
  • My clothes were loose
  • I had a new found determination
  • I became more focused on my diet (towards the end)

I’m not sure why this program was hard for me.  I struggled almost daily to hit play but my determination to not give up was strong not to mention being a Beachbody coach helping to inspire others and being inspired by others daily pushed me to hitting that button and curse Shaun T!  I’m really glad I didn’t give up because I know it’s made me stronger mentally and physically.  I also have a new found appreciation for P90x3!