This glass is full of over 70 vitamins and minerals.

Do you know anything else that can give you this much in one shake, one meal, and taste this good!?

I often talk to people about Shakeology whether they’re looking to get healthier or lose weight.  In those conversations 9 times out of 10 as soon as they see the price they aren’t so interested in making changes anymore.

So I ask, how much is your health worth?

Let me first say that I get it, I truly do because I too was that person.  I was SHOCKED when I first saw how much Shakeology cost.  As someone who has debt, a decent amount of bills, two critters to take care of, likes to shop, go out, travel, etc. I definitely was looking at the dollar amount in front of me and not the long term benefits.

How often do we do that though!?  We rarely think about something as an investment or how we save money in the long run, even if we have to pay more up front.

Let’s break it down – Say you buy a couch with 6 months free financing.  If it’s $1,000 you’ll want to break that down to $333ish each month but if you pay the minimum of $40 each month then after 6 months you’ve only paid off $240 and the $760 is going to have interest and my guess is it’s a rate of 19% (most likely higher) so now you’re paying at least $144 of just interest.  That adds up especially if this isn’t the only thing you’re got financing on or you’re minimally paying.

Not to mention a couch isn’t something as valuable or precious as life.  YOUR LIFE, your FAMILIES life, your KIDS life.

So yes, the initial cost does seem like a lot but broken down into 1 meal per day for 1 month it’s less than a Grande Latte at Starbucks and let’s not sugar coat it (pun intended) those aren’t giving you any nutritional value.

In addition let’s think about a few other things such as doctors visits, prescriptions, medicines, co-pays, vitamins, fresh fruit to make your own smoothie that still can’t meet the same level of nutrition as this shake…

In January I will have been drinking Shakeology for 3 years, THREE!  I have not been to the doctor for any type of illness in 3 years, THREE!  Direct correlation, ABSOLUTELY!
I can even tell you EXACTLY where my money for ALL my health needs have gone to in the past year and I’ll break it down for you:

>> My therapist
>> A womanly procedure (nothing to do with my health)
>> My contacts
>> Icy Hot pads for my hip/thigh injury
>> Aleve for pain of hip/thigh injury

That’s it!  No co-pay because my visits are all regular annual check-ups, no visits to emergency care, or to see my physician cause I’m sick, no vitamins each month, no prescriptions, no medicines because I’m sick, the list goes on.

So I’ve saved hundreds probably thousands of dollars this past year because I drink one shake, once a day, every day to give my body the nutrients it needs to keep it running efficiently.  Because after the initial shock of the cost wore off I sat down and looked at my budget and I got rid of things that weren’t serving me.  We removed our monthly cable bill, I stopped getting regular pedi’s, instead of Starbucks a few times a week I only got it once as a treat that I appreciated more, I no longer needed to get foods for lunch each day since I had my daily shake instead so less to buy.  I adjusted and adapted to what I knew was best for me in the long run and not a fleeting moment of satisfaction.