If you asked me 6 months ago “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I would have just stared at you.

I don’t know.

If you rephrased it and asked “Where would you like to be in 5 years” I would have kept staring at you.

I don’t know.

I’m not sure when I stopped dreaming, stopped picturing my future but I did.  When I listen to coaching team calls they tell you to picture the future you want and nearly my entire time coaching I have not been able to do this.

Things eventually changed and about 6 months ago I began to dream again, I began to picture how I wanted my life to be, what I wanted for my family, myself, our future.

It’s amazing how your life changes when you begin to dream again.

Clifton’s always been a dreamer though, imagining our lives, our future.  I went along with them but in the back of my mind I would think “yeah, ok” and it’s not that I didn’t believe in him.  It’s ME I didn’t believe in.  I just couldn’t imagine myself having a life outside of debt, outside of an apartment, more than what we currently had.

Sad, but true.

He’s talked about buying a house probably for about as long as I’ve known him.  I have never been on board.  The whole thing freaked me out, having watched friends buying houses and the stress and anxiety that comes with it, not to mention I figured we’d be denied a loan.  I get stressed finding an apartment and that’s just renting!

I also want instant satisfaction when It comes to my living space so I didn’t want to fall in love with something and then it not work out whether our offer didn’t get accepted or the appraisal/inspection didn’t go well or it just fell through.  I had no desire to go through all that.

Things changed once I began to dream again I became open to possibilities I wasn’t open to before, like buying a house.  Clifton approached me again and this time I said “Yes, but I don’t want to deal with it so just call me in when it’s time to look.”  Still, that was a big step for me.

I can’t even begin to properly explain how smooth and as stress free (as possible) a process we had in finding a house and it’s all thanks to our amazing loan officer and realtor!

It didn’t take long for us to be approved and move forward with our search.  We looked at 100’s of houses online but 4 we actually toured before we said “this is it” and made an offer.

I won’t sugar coat it though cause I personally experience lots of anxiety while waiting on the appraisal and inspection hoping they both went well and not falling in love with the home, just in case.  I learned I’m not the type of person who handles anxiety like that well.  Instead of throwing myself into things to keep busy I struggle to focus because I want to know NOW!

So here we are 11 days into owning a house.  It’s weird, so weird.  We own something, a big something and we’re not even in it or see it every day.  It’s also super exciting and each time we talk about plans I get even more excited to make the house our own!

Last week Clifton planned a date night at the house, eating pizza on our deck talking plans.  My date night was us taking pictures at the house to mark the momentous occasion and then go buy paint!  He won that round.  Regardless they were both super fun dates and we’re excited about this new adventure of ours!

So happy to be dreaming again and grateful to my husband who never stopped.