This post won’t be witty like the show’s writers Amy and Daniel, I’m not that good and I don’t have any pop culture references to make.

I don’t watch TV anymore.  I used to watch TV all the time.  I looked forward to each night and the shows that would be on.  I watched Ally McBeal, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Friends, Felicity, Caroline in the City, Greys Anatomy (the first couple years), the list goes on but you get the point.  Among those was Gilmore Girls.  It was one of my favorites.

The mother daughter relationship, they’re fast talking, quirkiness of the small town and that town.  I wanted to live in Stars Hallow.  I wanted to go to Luke’s every morning, take dance lessons at Ms. Patty’s and participate in every town event possible.

So I showed up every Tuesday night and pretended to be a Stars Hallow resident.

Like most great things it came to an end after 7 years.  The 7th year not even being written by Amy Sherman-Palladino or with her particular vision.

So here we are nearly 10 years later and fans are FINALLY getting what they want – more Gilmore Girls, closure perhaps on their beloved series and unanswered questions.  Maybe.

If you’re upset with the last four words and how Gilmore Girls ended I get it and I hope that I can help make you feel better about it.  I too was initially upset.  How could they leave us like that!?  After all this time, we have yet again been left hanging!  But have we really?

I’m currently re-watching it for the 3rd time as I write this and it’s been almost two days for me to process and other than the 10+ minutes wasted on the Musical part I can honestly say it was perfectly done.

The new episodes are done in 4 – 90 minute episodes, covering an entire year.  I was nervous about watching, afraid things would feel forced and they’d try too hard to recap this amazing series and in doing that screw it up.  I was also so excited to watch, like a kid on Christmas morning, like a kid going to Disney World (hell an adult going to Disney World).

Amy and Daniel did not disappoint.  They banter felt the same, the characters felt the same (perhaps more mature) but all the same, the town still quirky, the story line the same.  Nearly every character made an appearance (a few new ones) and they also were not forced but felt completely natural – it was like we never left and I felt like I got closure on this series and my most loved relationships.

I cried a lot.  I cried when Rory told Logan their relationship is over.  I cried when Lorelai called her mom to tell her the story of her 13th Birthday.  I cried when Logan and Rory really said Goodbye.  I cried when Luke drove Rory and Lorelai through town at the end.  I cried when Lorelai got the wedding she always wanted, I cried so much because it was perfect.

I found any part with Paris, the appearance of the Life and Death Brigade, the wedding, Luke driving them to the square to be magical.

I predicted a few things prior to them happening.  I knew Rory would write a book (it only made sense), I knew Emily would work at the museum in Nantucket, I knew it would end with a wedding and a pregnancy.  I guessed who’s pregnancy an hour before I watched those words being said.

Amy is a talented writer and having watched this series so much I have gotten a feel for how she might do things (don’t get me wrong she can still surprise me – Mr. Kim anyone?) but she’s very symbolic with how she writes this series, which allows you to eventually go “ah, that makes sense!”

So if you’re upset by the end let me share with you what I believe to be the reason why it was ended that way.  The series could continue if Netflix, the writers and cast wants to or it ended how it should have all along and you already know how the story goes.

Logan is Rory’s Christopher and I guarantee the father of her child.  Jess is her Luke and the one person who is always there for her in her times of need (he got her to go back to Yale, fix things with Logan and helped her when she lost her way pointing her to write a book) the same Luke has been there for Lorelai all these years (teaching her how to fish, showing up with ice, loan for the Inn).

Rory’s story is already written.  It’s Lorelai’s just years later.